Saturday, May 1, 2010

Peace On Earth and the Millennium of King Jesus

New Book 2010 Peace On Earth and the Millennium of King Jesus


  1. Peace on Earth
    Millennium of King Jesus
    G.L. and Glenn Cook

    Join father/son team G. L. and Glenn Cook in their exploration of the Bible to understand God’s ultimate plan for everlasting peace, joy, and happiness on the earth.

    Peace on Earth: Millennium of King Jesus is the writers’ authoritative compendium of eschatological texts, especially relating to the futuristic years when Jesus Christ will return to the earth at the Battle of Armageddon—and afterward, bring everlasting peace to all nations on the earth. It is good news!

    1. December 2017, Tate Publishing, our publisher, closed their doors for publishing. Presently, Yorkshire Publishing in Tulsa, Oklahoma is in the process of re-publishing the book. The 2nd Edition should be available July 1, 2017 from Yorkshire Publishing. There may be some 1st editions still available on various book-seller websites. God bless. Peace - Shalom to all...Dr. Gary L. Cook

  2. By Dr. Daisy Palmer

    Many Christian prophecy books focusing on doom and gloom are released perhaps to make a headline splash. GL and Glenn Cook’s book Peace on Earth: Millennium of King Jesus is a book of hope and guidance in clear Bible based and verse reference language. For the serious Bible student, this book should be received and kept in their personal reference collection. This is a time in history for gratitude to God and earnest prayers that what has begun will flourish beyond all human expectation.

    Dr. Daisy A. Palmer, Vice President
    American Foundation for the Elderly, Deaf, Inc.

  3. By Captain Hank Domerachi – U.S. Navy

    Peace on Earth: Millennium of King Jesus, is a must-read biblical perspective, which provides clear and concise theological references and insight for God’s authoritative promise of providing futuristic everlasting peace for all the nations on the earth.

    Henry (Hank) S. Domerachi, Captain
    United States Navy

  4. By Dr. Willard Teague
    The books of Daniel and Revelation have captured the fascination of the believers through the centuries since they were written. Many, however, have held the teachings of these books in deep mystery. Revelation 1:3 clearly states, “Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.”
    In spite of the promised blessing, in the consideration of the prophecies in Revelation, there are not many sermons preached in the pulpits of today coming from this material. Dr. William Burton McCafferty, who had a long and fruitful ministry at Southwestern College of the Bible, predicted in 1962, just weeks before his death, that preaching about the rapture of the church, the great tribulation, and the millennium would become more infrequent as the time for those events approached.
    The book Peace on Earth: Millennium of King Jesus, by Gary L. (G. L.) Cook and son Glenn Cook, is an interesting overview of the events of the end of this age, and the interpretation is a synthesis of biblical theology or the interpretation of the Bible itself. In a time of confusion and fear, this message of final triumph and hope for the believer is most appropriate. It also helps the reader have a perspective of divine events of the end of the age and understand that Christ is in control of this universe.
    Dr. Willard Teague

  5. There is a minister who is using your book to teach an adult class...he has told his students to get their copies at Borders online. Around Pittsburgh PA you can smile and say even Tornado was there.....Thanks for the update Daisy

  6. Scheduled to teach a seminar at Hornsby Bend AG church on Memorial Day weekend.

  7. August 2010 will be in Kenya, Africa for Pastors' Conference.

  8. The August 2010 conference date in Kenya has changed to the first week in December 2010. The following week,will be in Uganda. Plan to train about 400 pastors in Kenya and Uganda in Bible prophecy.

  9. Saturday December 4th, 1-3pm

    wing by and say hi at book event. There is going to be some free coffee and chick-fi-le sandwiches coupons for the first ones there, not sure how many.

    The location is:
    Halcyon Coffee Lounge
    218 West 4th Street
    Austin, TX 78701